CHIRP Employee Assistance Fund (EAF)


Consulate Health Care’s Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) was created to assist our family of more than 30,000 employees nationwide.

Our EAF is an employee-supported charitable organization designed to support our employees who have experienced hardship due to catastrophic events beyond their control. Our EAF has helped employees impacted by natural disaster, extended illness or injury, and other unexpected events.

Our mission is built on assisting those in need, and we could not do it without the generous contributions we receive every day. As we continue our combined efforts of giving and receiving, we invite you to learn more about our EAF, and our commitment to helping one another.

How does the CHIRP EAF support employees?

Our EAF provides support in a number of ways, which may include:

  • Providing grants
  • Loans
  • Referrals to or additional information on the Company’s Employee Assistance Program
    and other organizations that may be able to assist.

For more information about Consulate Health Care’s Employee Assistance Fund, please contact
your healthcare center’s HR Representative or email